Monday, May 31, 2010

The Strange, Strange World of Bureaucratic Thought

The bureaucrats who often make a mockery of the game in this country have struck yet again. This time in an Ottawa area recreational league where they have decided no team can win by more than five goals or they are declared the loser!?

It will take the kids about ten minutes to figure that one out.

So my team is losing by five goals late in the game - what's the smart nine year old to do? Score on my own goal with ten seconds left and I win!

Of course the same works in reverse my team is winning by six with ten minutes left - what to do? Ah the hat trick of own goals ensures that I only win by four and I win yet again! That and I make the loss respectable! Maybe a bonus point is in order!

Never mind what will happen when the coaches figure it out... It will be like watching the U5s I watched play tonight no one will ever be certain which direction they are supposed to be going yet alone how to keep score... should own goals only count as half a goal, or 25% of a goal or should they count at all??

Now I understand that no one wants a team at any level of the game losing by two converted touchdowns week in and week out but making a mockery of the game to ease the workload of the administrators hardly seems the right way to go.

While re-balancing teams it a great deal of work or shuffling teams or schedules half way through the year can be labour intensive it surely has to be better than the alternative of I win because I lost.

What are we teaching these kids? If you're going to lose, lose well? If you want to win distort the game to the point that it is unrecognizable or just that winning is an evil, evil thing?

Wow. Somebody do the Canadian thing and form a royal commission...

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