Monday, February 07, 2011

Bread and Circuses

The attention of the soccer observers has quickly shifted from "A Historic Day for Canadian Soccer," to the day time soap know as the Carolina Morace Affair. This in itself is not surprising but it does give one the feeling that we're taking our eye of the truly important ball - reform of the governance structure of the Canadian Soccer Association.

As Nigel Reed points out, "The rumours had been doing the rounds for months. Despite on field success, disharmony was festering away from the pitch. Patience, on both sides, had worn paper thin until, finally, it was torn apart."

For Morace she will never have more leverage than now to demand as much as possible from the CSA and their bean counters. CONCACAF Champions, just one loss in a long stretch of games, and finally qualified for the World Cup.

Come summer time and post World Cup she could be in an even stronger position but there is also a chance coming out of a very strong group including the hosts Germany she could be in a much worse position. So if you are going to push for even more concessions now is the time to do it.

As Duane Rollins over at the 24th Minute points out, "Carolina Morace is a great coach, but not an irreplaceable one." No coach is and that's why these kind of power plays happen. Rollins also quotes the mandatory anonymous CSA official as saying, "She does not want to report to anyone."

Kara Lang jumped in to protect her former coach and program basically saying Rollins had it all wrong. In particular the allotment of monies to the women's program versus the men's (gee there is news) was raised on both sides - leading to Rollins conveniently (not having it for the first post) posting the CSA's 2010 budget here. One is led to assume that the same anonymous CSA official supplied more than just quotes in this matter.

In essence, we have the CSA or at least someone within the CSA fighting back anonymously through the media against one of their own coaches - a public spat that is sure to stretch on until at least the World Cup in July if not beyond.

Taking the infighting public certainly serves the agenda of anyone and everyone within the CSA who does not want folks paying close attention to what is happening or more likely not happening on the reform front.

"Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt."

Keep your eye on the ball folks.

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