Thursday, April 05, 2012


CanadaKicks is returning.

Took a while to sort out what the site would become after 16 years of providing news, views and mostly opinion about the state of the game in Canada but after some thought, conversations with a few key people and a lot of caffeine it has been decided that the one area of discussion that currently does not have a real central on line "destination" in Canada is coaching.

These are important and exciting times for the coaches of the game in Canada what with the introduction of LTPD into the coaching lexicon, the amalgamation of clubs into "super" clubs, the ongoing growth of professional opportunities and development not to mention increased expectations for coaches across the country there is plenty to discuss.

Over the decade and a half CanadaKicks pushed bits on to the web things changed - a lot (CanadaKicks circa January 1999 courtesy of - from a text based with small graphics reading experience to the multimedia extravaganza it is today.  The hope is that with video, audio, visual and yes text CanadaKicks V3.0 will provide Canadian coaches with an on line destination of they will be proud to call their own.

The aim?  To engage coaches at all levels in meaningful discussion, while providing information as well as entertainment for the thousands of people in this country who walk on to the field with the courage to face not just the group of young players in front of them but the multiple expectations that come along with the title of "coach".

We hope you will join us come May 1st.  Until then please forward your thoughts and ideas.

See you on the field,

Coach Bill

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